What's Your Most Valuable Asset AS A BUSINESS OWNER?

TIME! Yes, you’ve probably heard this before, but what have you done to alleviate your pain of being pulled in a thousand directions? First, it’s budget meetings, then marketing efforts, those longer-than-expected vendor lunches, maybe some sales calls, then payroll deadlines, the inevitable HR-related issues, and then the rest of your life when you are “off the clock”. We get it, and we are here to help you.

Our team at CPA Group of The Rockies takes pride in uncovering solutions to provide you more time to focus on the activities driving growth in your business and life. The time-intensive tasks of tracking debits and credits, submitting tax payments, and processing payroll each pay period can kill momentum. Allow us to be your financial experts, so you can enjoy financial stability for years to come. It all starts with a simple conversation.

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Services Provided

Our team at CPA Group of The Rockies feels that being specialists provides much greater value to our clients than being generalists. That’s why we aren’t the right fit for all projects and requests. Simply put, we’ve chosen to dedicate ourselves to a select number of offerings and capabilities. Typical projects we get involved with include:

Employee onboarding for your company (Form W-4, direct deposit for payroll, etc.)

QuickBooks set-up and training for your staff

QuickBooks monthly bookkeeping and reconciliation services

QuickBooks payroll services (calculate and remit wages, deductions, taxes, garnishments, etc.)

QuickBooks financial statements compilation and review

Tax compliance with federal and state agencies (income tax, payroll tax, property tax, sales/use tax, unemployment tax, FAMLI, etc.)

Trail Balance preparation and review