Moria Sappington

Accounting & Tax Specialist

Moria joined our team in 2024 as an Accounting & Tax Specialist. With more than a decade of experience in bookkeeping and payroll, she is an integral part of providing our clients with competent, timely, and trustworthy service for all their accounting and tax needs. In addition to her experience above, Moria has a keen understanding of the owner-operator responsibilities for small businesses. Growing up in a family business and being the right-hand woman for another local business has provided her with knowledge and insights positively impacting our clients’ businesses daily.

Moria graduated Aims Community College in 2018 with associate’s degree in accounting. She lives in Kersey with her husband and three kids. When Moria isn’t working on clients’ books and tax returns, she enjoys coaching her kids in sports, camping, and watching dirt bike races.